Saving Worksheets

Unsaved Changes

As soon as you start work on a new worksheet Quickworksheets will mark the worksheet as "Unsaved". You will notice a blue indicator at the top-right corner of the mock worksheet indicating that you have unsaved changes. The worksheet outline will also glow blue.

If you try to navigate away from the page with unsaved changes, Quickworksheets will prompt you before you leave.

Unsaved changes indicator.

Saving a Draft

Once you have started working on your worksheet you will be able to save a draft at any time. This will allow you to close your browser and come back at a later time to complete your work. If you are working on a long worksheet we recommend that you save regularly. This will minimise the chance of work being lost if there is a power or internet outage.

To save a draft click on the "Save Draft" button in the "Actions" panel or use the Ctrl-S keyboard shortcut (Command-S on Mac).

Save draft button

Restoring a Draft

To continue working on a worksheet that was saved as a draft, go to the My Worksheets screen and click on the worksheet row, then click "Continue editing draft..." to load it.

Drafts will be indicated by a "Draft" tag displayed next to the title.

Example of draft worksheet

Finalising a Worksheet

Once you have finished entering your worksheet content and adjusting the worksheet settings, click on the "Make and Save Worksheet" button to create your worksheet. If you have previously saved the worksheet as a draft it will now become a finalised worksheet.

Make and Save worksheet button

Clicking on the title of a finalised worksheet (a worksheet without a "draft" tag) on the My Worksheets page will load a copy of it. Any changes you then make will be saved as a new worksheet. In this way you can use a previous worksheet as a basis for a new one.

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