Starting a New Worksheet

There are several ways to start a new worksheet:

  1. New worksheet from scratch.
  2. New worksheet based on a previous worksheet that you have made.
  3. New worksheet based on a worksheet shared by another member.

1. New Worksheet From Scratch

Select a worksheet generator from the "New Worksheet" menu at the top of the page. To get a summary of each worksheet type you can browse the Worksheet Generators Index.

If you want Quickworksheets to automatically use your previous settings when creating a new worksheet, you can enable this on the Edit My Details page. After this is enabled, the second time you create a "Word Scramble" worksheet, for example, Quickworksheets will use the same font, footer, picture and other settings that you used for the previous "Word Scramble" worksheet that you created.

Last used settings

2. New Worksheet Based on a Template

You can use a worksheet that you have previously made as a template for a new one.

Simply go to the My Worksheets screen, click on the actions menu (3 vertical dots) next to the worksheet you wish to re-use, then select "Use as template" from the menu.

New based on previous

NOTE: If a worksheet is a 'draft' that has not yet been finalised, then you will have the option to continue editing the draft instead. Draft worksheets will be indicated by a "Draft" tag as pictured below.

Example of draft worksheet

You can also create a new worksheet based on a recent previous one by clicking on the title in the sidebar when viewing any worksheet generator.

Example of previous worksheets in sidebar.

3. New Worksheet Based on a Shared Worksheet

You can use a worksheet that another user has shared as a template for a new worksheet.

You can do this by going to the Shared Worksheets library, choosing a shared worksheet, and then clicking "Use as Template for New Worksheet".

You will then be able to customise the worksheet content to suit your needs.

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