Editing e-Worksheets

To edit an e-Worksheet just click on the "Edit e-Worksheet" button on the My Worksheets page for the worksheet that you want to edit.

The e-Worksheet will open on the worksheet generator screen and you can edit it in the same you first created it.

Edit e-Worksheet

Please note that if your e-Worksheet has already received some responses, editing the questions will impact upon the integrity of your result set and may cause unexpected issues. When you edit an e-Worksheet that has already received responses a warning alert will appear above the worksheet editor to advise you of this.

Editing Printable Worksheets PRO

Please note: The FinalTouches editor is a Pro feature.

After you have finalised a printable worksheet you can the final layout using a word-processor-like interface.

To edit a worksheet you have just created, click on "Edit in FinalTouches" in the Worksheet Ready dialog.

FinalTouches Button 1

To edit one of your previous worksheets, go to the My Worksheets page and click on the worksheet you wish to edit, then the "Edit in FinalTouches" button which appears beneath it.

You cannot edit worksheets that are drafts - they have to be finalised first.

FinalTouches Button 2

Using the Editor

At the top of the editor you will find a toolbar resembling that on a typical word processor. You can find out what each item does by hovering your mouse over it and a tooltip will be displayed.

FinalTouches Toolbar

After you have made your changes use the "Save" or "Save and Download PDF" button to save your changes.

If you make a mistake you can use the Undo button on the toolbar to undo your last action(s). To discard all the changes you have made since your last save use the "Revert to Last Saved" button.

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