Using Pictures

You can use pictures in your worksheets in a variety of ways.

  • Use a decorative picture in the worksheet header.
  • Create a Picture Matching worksheet.
  • Insert pictures into Fully Customisable worksheets or when editing a worksheet with the FinalTouches Editor.

Worksheet Header Picture

To change the picture in the worksheet header, click on it. This will open the Pictures dialog.

Header picture button

Picture Matching Worksheet Maker

When using the Picture Matching Worksheet Maker click on the "NO IMAGE" placeholders to select a picture for each set.

picture matching buttons

Fully Customisable Worksheet Maker and FinalTouches Editor

When using the Fully Customisable Worksheet Maker or the FinalTouches Editor click on the "image" icon in the toolbar to insert an image wherever the Insertion Point is currently located.

You can also right-click and choose "Insert Picture" from the menu that appears at your mouse tip.

insert picture button

Picture Sources

There are 3 sources for pictures built into the Quickworksheets Pictures dialog. You can switch between them by using the tabs at the top of the dialog, as indicated by the red circles in the pictures below.

Basic Clip Art Library

This is a small library of basic images that you can use on your worksheets. If you do not want an image in the worksheet header simply select "NO IMAGE".

picture dialog - basic clip art

Third Party Libraries

Pixabay is a free image library. It is not run by Quickworksheets but our integration allows you to easily search the library and use pictures in your worksheets.

Enter a search term in the box and click "Search". Click on any of the picture results that appear to use them in your worksheet.

picture dialog - Openclipart search

Upload Your Own

To use pictures from your own computer or device, click on the "My Pictures (Upload)" tab. Click on "Browse" at the bottom to select a picture from your hard disk or simply drag and drop pictures into the grey area at the bottom to upload them. Once the upload is complete they will appear in the image picker above and you can click on them to use them in your worksheet.

picture dialog - upload your own

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