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Interactive e-Worksheet Maker

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This worksheet maker allows you to create digital e-Worksheets that can be completed with a web browser on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Students do not need a Quickworksheets account to complete an e-Worksheet. Responses are graded automatically and the results are available for you to view and analyse.

Currently e-Worksheets have the following types of questions:

  • Short Answer Question
  • Short Answer Question - Numerical input.
  • Open-ended Question (this is ungraded)
  • Multiple Choice Question - One answer required.
  • Multiple Choice Question - Multiple answers required.
  • Spoken question - The question will be spoken instead of displayed as text.
  • Picture question
  • Matching Pairs Activity
  • Fill Blanks (Cloze) Activity

In order to ensure resources are available for all of our users, e-Worksheets are subject to the following limits:

  • 100 questions per worksheet.
  • Storage for 50 interactive activities on the Premium plan and 1000 interactive activities on the Pro plan.
  • Storage for 100 responses per worksheet on the Premium plan and 500 responses per worksheet on the Pro plan.

Try an example eWorksheet below:

Try e-Worksheet
Digital Matching pairs Worksheet Thumbnail

Example of e-Worksheet Responses View

As the e-Worksheet creator you will be able to view the responses and marks for your students after they submit their responses.

For more information refer to this documentation.

Responses and Statistics