4th Grade List 19 Crossword

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children plural form of child; a living being between infancy and puberty; not yet an adult jacket something worn for the upper body; garment used as a covering of a garment kingdom community that is headed by a king or queen complete having all necessary parts, elements or steps; finished pumpkin a fruit typically orange in color, round in shape that has hard usually smooth skin dolphin small marine tooth whales with elongated snouts into a beak and the neck vertebrae father God; a male parent; source; one that originates or establishes farther a greater distance purchase to buy; to obtain by money, labor, danger, or sacrifice sandwich two or more slices of split bread or a split roll with a filling such as meat, vegetables, fruit, or condiment lobster s large edible marine decapod crustaceans that have stalked eyes, a pair of large claws, and a long abdomen inspect to look over carefully and closely with a critical eye for needed correction athlete a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina; a racing horse or dog in sporting events whether a word that means "in any case"; alternative conditions or possibilities complain to express discontent, to be unsatisfied, grief; to express pain instant immediate, extreme rapidity and ease program a public notice; a brief usually printed outline of the order to be followed; sequence of coded instructions; a plan of action polish to make a smooth and glossy surface; to be refine in posture, appearance, or attitude profit to gain, a valuable return; to be of service - a positive gain prophet one who utters divinely inspired revelations; one gifted with more than ordinary spiritual or moral insight; one who foretells the future. complaint something that is the cause or subject of protest or outcry; a formal expression of dissatisfaction; odily ailment or disease

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2 February 2021

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BJU List 19 4th Grade Crossword

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