Adjectives - תוארי שם

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young My Grandpa is old but I'm ___. new The computer doesn't work well. I need a ___ one. important It's very ___ to know English. fast We are late - we have to walk ___! dirty Wash your face! It's ___. famous Angelina Jolie is a ___ actress. old My Grandma is ___, too. beautiful Angelina Jolie is very ___. clean Your hands must be ___ before you start eating. kind My new teacher is friendly and ___. special She makes everybody feel ___. round Our kitchen table is ___, no corners. warm It's September but the weather is still ___. strong My Dad can lift anything - he is ___. brave It's the first day of school. Be ___ and you'll be alright! easy This exercise is ___ and fun. sweet Too much ___ candy isn't good. ugly Have you ever seen an ___ kitten? I haven't.

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24 September 2015

liisa77 Author Country Flag Israel

Hi, this is the continuation to Adjectives. Hope you can use it. Liisa

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