April 10 Vocabulary

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extraterrestrial of or from outside earth or it's atmosphere solar system the collection of eight planets and their moons in orbit around the sun orbit the curved pathe of a celestial object or spacecraft around a star, planet, or moon, especially a periodic elliptical revolution galaxy a system of milions or billions of stars, together with gas and dust, held together by gravitational attraction habitable suitable or good enough to live in destiny the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future jousting engaging in a sports contest in which two opponents on horseback fight with lances cathedral the principal church of a diocese inscription words inscribed, as on a monument or in a book melee a confused fight, skirmish, or scuffle astronomers experts in or student of astronmy observatory a room or building housing an astronomical telescope or other scientific equipment for the study of natural phenomena diverse showing a great deal of variety; very different heir a person legally entitled to the property or rank of another on that person's death nobleman a man of noble birth or rank

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6 April 2015

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