Australia's Changing Community


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community Identifiable group which interacts on the basis of shared space or social organisation. culture The values and customs of a particular country group. demography The study of human population characteristics and patterns. Indigenous Originating in a particular country. Median The age at which half the population is older & half younger. Life This type of expectancy tells you how long you may live to. Natural This type of increase in the population is a result of births minus deaths. NOM The acronym used to describe the migration to Au minus the migration away from Au. Population The total number of people who live in a country, city or any district or area. Density Population ??? is the number of people per square kilometre. Fertility This total ??? rate describes the number of children born to a women over her lifetime. Asia This area of the world represents the greatest proportion of migrants to Au. Coastal 86% of Australians live near or within 50kms of this. Brisbane This city is Australia's 3rd most populated. Decline Australia's ageing pop is a result of a ?? in both the death rate and fertility rate. Developing These countries have both a high fertility rate and a low level of economic development. shared Communities are based on ??? space and ???social organisation. Disease The Europeans brought this with them which decimated our Indigenous population. Health Indigenous communities suffer disadvantage in this key area of living. Education Indigenous communities suffer disadvantage in this key area of living.

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8 August 2013

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Yr9 Geography Australia's Changing Population

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