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airbrushed photo-shopped to look better self-esteem this can be low or high depending how you feel about yourself self-image the way you want others to see you fashion the change in style and taste expectations what you want for the future models those who are photographed wearing new fashions, for example diet when you are careful of what you eat anorexia eating disorder that makes you starve yourself media tv, newspapers, internet bulimia the opposite of anorexia celebrities famous people whitening make your skin paler or your teeth less yellow , for example tanning lying in the sun to go brown awareness being conscious of something portray depict glamour exciting, fashionable, vibrant blotchy uneven pigmentation blemish something that spoils the perfection of your skin, for example skintone the quality of your skin uneven not equally distributed effective it works! radiant glowing improvement getting better put on weight when you get heavier eating disorder anorexia and bulimia, for example insecurity feeling of being unsure

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23 November 2020

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