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Match the words in the box to the crossword using the numbered clues below. Includes definitions adapted from http://www.macmillandictionary.com/

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temporary Someone who is paid on an hourly or daily rate and submits weekly timesheets. casual A contract for jobs that are not regular or permanent. maternity Covering for a woman who is having a baby. paternity Covering for a man who has just become a father. summer job Working over the summer months only, often as a student. fixed-term A contract for an agreed period of time that will not change. job-sharing To share the work from a single job with another person. full-time A contract for the number of hours that people normally work in a complete week. part-time A contract for only part of the hours people normally work. zero hours A contract where a person only works when the employer needs them. piece-work Where you are paid for the number of items you complete not the time taken to complete them. freelance A contract for a person who sells their services to more than one company. permanent Where an organisation employs someone for as long as they wish to stay. apprenticeship A contract for someone who works for a particular person or company, usually for low pay, for work experience.

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8 April 2014

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Pro-tip: Hoping this worksheet draws it all together for students.

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