Chapter 5 - French Louisiane Vocabulary


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Complete the Crossword Puzzle.

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bousillage a dense building material made of mud, deer hair, and moss charter a written grant conferring certain rights and privileges on a person or corporation Code Noir the French code of law affecting ethinic minorities, such as African Americans and Jews commandant the commander commissary the government official in charge of warehouses, trade, and supplies Company of the West proprietor John Law's company that received a 25-year charter over Louisiane and Canade concession land granted by the government in exchange for something untitled having no right or claim; unowned Creole native to Louisiana habitation a small farm along a stream or bayou voyageur an explorer in early Louisiane redemptioner an emigrant who paid their for the voyage from Europe by agreeing to work as a servant for a certain number of years mercantilism belief that a country should be self-sufficient; it should have access to and control of all the raw materials it needs for its economy Mississippi Bubble the term used to describe John Law's economic venture in Louisiane monopoly exclusive control of the means of producing or selling a commodity or service nepotism favoritism or privileges granted due to a family relationship penal prison related pirogue a flat-bottomed canoe made from a hollowed tree trunk voodoo a religion that came from Africa based on animism; includes use of charms, potions, spells, and curses; often disguised with Catholic symbolism proprietor an individual who had economic responsibility for the colony

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20 November 2015

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8th Grade Louisiana History Vocab Crossword

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