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Christmas We have ___ on Dec. 25. star We put a ___ on the tree. Merry We say ___ Christmas. December We have Christmas on ___ 25. Santa ___ comes. tree We have a ___. gifts We put ___ under the tree. lights We put ___ on the tree. stockings Santa puts gifts in the ___. candy canes We put ___ ___ on the tree. children ___ put up stockings. comes Santa ___. say We ___ Merry Christmas. under We put gifts ___ the tree.

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13 December 2017

sodsjean Author Country Flag Canada

Students read their 'Christmas Book' [number 2 of a series of 6 that get increasingly longer [12 words; 42; 80; 98; 118 words]. They find the sentence in the book and write the missing word on the line.

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