Christmas (Level D)


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reindeer How many ___ pull Santa's sleigh? ornaments Kia's family decorated the tree with ___. chimney Santa will come down the ___. evergreen Marta's dad strung lights around the ___ tree. eggnog ___ is a rich, creamy drink. mistletoe Dad gave Mom a kiss under the ___. Mrs. Claus Santa and ___ live at the North Pole. wreath Sara hung a ___ on the front door. snowflakes When Tracy came inside, she had ___ in her hair. hot cocoa A mug of ___ tastes great on a winter day. cookies We will leave a plate of ___ for Santa. December Christmas is on ___ 25th. Santa Claus Emma’s visited ___ at the mall. decorations We put up Christmas ___ around the house. gingerbread Carina made a ___ house. exchange Families ___ Christmas presents. tinsel I put strands of ___ on the tree. twinkling lights Look at how beautiful those ___ appear in the falling snow! caroling Melissa went ___ with her family. chestnuts We roasted ___ last night. gifts Greg opened his___ on Christmas morning. angel We placed an ___ at the top of the tree. elf I saw an ___ in Santa’s workshop. Christmas tree There are a lot of presents under the ___! holly berries There are red ___ in the bushes.

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17 December 2019

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