Christmas & Winter (Level C)

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snowman Do you want to build a ___ ? winter My favorite season is spring, but I also enjoy ___ . wreath Anna hung a ___ on her front door. snowflakes Have you ever tried to catch ___ on your tongue? candle My mother lit the red ___ . merry The children sang ___ songs. Christmas Would you like to come over to our house on ___ ? lights Demitrius hung red and green ___ on the roof of his house. sleigh Last winter, my family took a ride in a horse-drawn ___ . elf Jazmine dressed up as an ___ for the holiday party. angel Mr. Hans put an ___ on top of the tree. carols My friends and I will sing Christmas ___ in the park tomorrow. reindeer Rudolph is a ___ with a red nose. Santa ___ came down the chimney. holly Mrs. Bellanti bought a tablecloth with pictures of ___ leaves on it. gift Ebony wants to buy her friend Peter a ___ . star This ornament is shaped like a ___ . tree Should we put white lights or colored lights on our ___ ? mistletoe If someone is standing under ___ , you can kiss them. presents Last year I received some wonderful ___ .

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13 December 2017

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superteacherworksheets.com Christmas & Winter Spelling Level C

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