Corona Virus - COVID 19 Pandemic 2020


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Student Task: Use the clues and the words in the box to complete this crossword. Paste this into your exercise books after you have you have checked and finished the crossword

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Zoonotic A virus is considered zoonotic when its origins can be traced to animals. Social Distancing People should stay away from public spaces with large gatherings of people. Pandemic When an epidemic has spread to multiple continents or countries. Epidemic A large outbreak of a disease in a short period of time. Incubation The amount of time it takes for an infected person to start showing symptoms, Quarantine A restriction of movement and isolation for those exposed to COVID 19. Self Isolation To stay at home in isolation from the general public. COVID19 The infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus Coronavirus A large family of viruses that cause a range of illnesses ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases, Asymptomatic An individual is asymptomatic when they don’t show any symptoms

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16 March 2020

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