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whale shark The ___ is the largest species of fish. caviar People eat fish eggs called ___. mammals Whales and dolphins are not fish. They are ___. millions The Megaladon shark has been extinct for ___ of years. ichthyologist An ___ is a scientist that studies fish. climbing perch The ___ can walk on land and climb trees. jellyfish Starfish, crayfish and ___ aren't real fish. eggs Guppies do not hatch from ___. pup A ___ is a baby stingray. electric eel An ___ looks like a snake and makes electricity. pufferfish ___ are also called blowfish. cartilage A shark's bones are made of ___. sting ray A ___ has a wide, flat body and "flies". seasick Fish become ___ when they're in rough water. eyelids Fish can't close their eyes. They don't have ___. gills Fish use ___ to get breathe. mouth A female cichlid keeps her eggs in her ___. sailfish A ___ is the fastest species of fish.

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