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Complete the crossword by filling in a word that fits each clue. Fill in the correct answers, one letter per square, both across and down, from the given clues. There will be a gray space between multi-word answers.

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Bake to cook something using dry heat, in an oven Blend to combine different things in a way that produces an effective or pleasant result, or to become combined in this way Boiling heated to the boiling point; intensely agitated; to an extreme degree; very hot Cashier someone whose job is to receive or pay out money in a shop or store Casserole food that is cooked slowly in liquid in a covered dish in the oven; a deep covered dish used for cooking food in an oven Checkout the place in a supermarket where you pay for the goods you have collected; the time by which you must leave a hotel room Chill (Noun) a feeling of coldness; a sudden feeling of fear or worry, especially because of something cruel or violent; an illness which causes a slight fever, headache, and shivering (=slight shaking of the body): (Verb) if you chill something such as food or drink, or if it chills, it becomes very cold but does not freeze; to relax completely instead of feeling angry, tired, or nervous Coupon a small piece of printed paper that gives you the right to pay less for something or get something free Delivery the act of bringing goods, letters etc. to a particular person or place, or the things that are brought Harvest the crops that have been gathered, or the amount and quality of the crops gathered: the time when crops are gathered from the fields, or the act of gathering them Ingredient one of the foods that you use to make a particular food or dish Manners polite ways of behaving in social situations Menu a list of all the kinds of food that are available for a meal, especially in a restaurant Produce food or other things that have been grown or produced on a farm to be sold Purchase to buy something Recipe a set of instructions for cooking a particular type of food Reservation an arrangement which you make so that a place in a hotel, restaurant, plane etc. is kept for you at a particular time in the future Shopping Cart a large metal basket on wheels that you push around when you are shopping in a supermarket or store: cart Taste to experience or recognize the taste of food or drink: to eat or drink a small amount of something to see what it is like Tip to give an additional amount of money to someone such as a server or taxi driver

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