Grade 4 Wordly Wise Lesson 2

Crossword Worksheet

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to affect To bring about a change in calculate To find the answer by using arithmetic. climate The average weather conditions of an area. a column A row of figures or words running down a printed page; anything arranged like that. column A regular newspaper or magazine article usually written by the same person. columns tall, usually stone supports that hold up something. decay A breaking down or rotting. to decay to rot to calculate To figure out by reasoning. affect To pretend to be or to haves exceed To be more than to exceed to go beyond what is allowed excess More than enough; an extra amount. excessive Too much or too great. forbid To order not to do something. grove A group of trees growing together with open space between them. limb An arm, leg, or wing. limbs tree branches mammoth Very large; huge. mature To become fully grown or developed permit to allow resist To refuse to give in to; to withstand to resist To work or fight against.

Write sentences using words from above:

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Lesson 2, Grade 4 Wordly Wise

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