Hitler and the Nazis - Ideas - Stereotypes - Groups

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Student Task: Complete the crossword below. Use the clues and your own resources to find  the correct answers. 

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Aryan Hitler believed these people were the Master Race. Ideology Ideas about about how a political, social and economic system. Indoctrination The process of making people accept a set of beliefs uncritically. Hitler Youth The Nazi Party organisation for German boys age 13 to 18. Farmers This group of people worked the land. Workers This group of people worked in the factories, Jews This group was blamed for all of Germany's problems. Gypsies This group had a nomadic lifestyle. Homosexuals This group was hated because of their sexual orientation. Women Were supposed to be homemakers and child bearers. Propaganda Misleading and biased information to promote a political idea Stereotype A simplistic and general idea of a group of people. Nationalism The ideology of self identification of ones own nation. Lebensraum Living space. Hitler wanted to expand German territory. Kristallnacht The night of broken glass, 9-10 November 1938

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11 March 2020

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