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brochures I'm going to read all the ____ carefully before i decide where to go on my holidays. view I'd like to book a room with a ____ sunbathing I really enjoy lazing on the beach and ____ tan My friend always has a lovely ____ but I never go brown. sunburn If you don't put on suncream you'll get a ____ takesoff When the planes leaves the ground. lands When the planes arrives at the airport- package an all-inclusive holiday fluently The way you speak your mother tongue signlanguage when you communicate with your hands excursions day trips to interesting places cruise a luxury holiday aboard a ship souvenir so you don't forget your holiday protect warm clothes to ____ you from the cold, sun cream to ____ you from the sun understood I can make myself ____ even though I don't speak the language well. resort a holiday town, like Verbier, Benidorm or St Tropez beach a long, white, sand place by the sea phrase a book to help you communicate in another language selfcatering when you do all your own cooking and cleaning halfboard when you only have one meal at the hotel

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