Microbiology Vocabulary # 2

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continental shelf the section of shallow seawater that gently slopes from the shore into the ocean continental slope the portion of the ocean that slopes between the edge of the continental shelf and the sea floor coral polyp a small, single, soft-bodied animal that secretes a limestone shell that forms coral reefs coral colony a group of coral polyps that grow together coral reef a ridge of limestone formed from hard coral zooxanthellae microscopic algae that live inside of and have a symbiotic relationship with coral fringe reef a coral reef that develops right along the shoreline barrier reef a coral reef that is separated from the shoreline with a channel of water vertebrates animals that have a backbone or spinal column schooling a group of fish that swims together in the same direction in a synchronized manner shoaling a group of fish that live together for social aspects migration movement of animals from one location to another based upon the seasons benthic a living organism that lives on the bottom of the ocean pelagic a living organism that lives away from the shore and ocean bottom

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