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migration movement of animals from one location to another based upon the season toothed whales cetaceans that have teeth including beaked whales, porpoises, dolphins baleen whales cetaceans that have baleen plates instead of teeth and filter feed echolocation the ability of an animal to find the location of an object by making a sound and hearing the sound reflected back marine biology that branch of science that investigates the organisms that live in salt water ocean a vast expanse of sea typically divided into geographic locations oceanic pelagic zones water in the open ocean divided into different zones based upon how much sunlight reaches that depth of water high tide when the ocean reaches the highest point along the shore due to the gravitational pull of the moon and sun low tide when the ocean reaches the lowest point along the shore due to the gravitational pull of the moon and sun tide pool shallow bodies of water that remain within rocks along the intertidal zone during low tide intertidal zone the area of the ocean shore found between the high tide and the low tide benthic a living organism that lives on the bottom of the ocean pelagic a living organism that lives away from the shore and ocean bottom atoll a ring-shaped coral reef, formed from the sinking of a volcanic island invertebrates animals that do not have a backbone or spinal column

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