Ms. Pierce 3rd Grade Spelling 10/24


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heel The back the shoe that you step on is a ___________ week There are four of these in every month creek It is a place where a small stream of water flows into a larger body of water green the color of leaves street another word for road freeze at 0 degrees Celsius, water does this seal at Pier 39, we love to go to the water to see this type of animal weak he was unable to lift the box because his muscles were so _______ bean Julian's favorite mean is to have ________ with rice speaks another word for talk is team the coached asked all of the kids to work together as a ________ free if it is not restrained and able to be done without restrictions, it is __________ clean if it is not dirty, it is __________ cream Julian's favorite dessert is ice _____________ field the cow's were grazing and eating grass in the ________ tight he had grown so much, his pants were _________ tied when the score in a game is the same for both sides, the score is __________ cute another word for sweet looking sixteen 16 peanut George Washington Carver discovered a ton of ways to use a _______________

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25 October 2016

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3rd Grad 10/24 spelling

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