Ms. Pierce 3rd Grade Spelling 11/9 Test


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wrap you do this to a gift wrists these are at the end of each arm wrote A long time ago, he ________ that story for us to read. wreck Be careful when driving so you don't __________ the car! wring After you take off you swim shirt, make sure to ____ out all the water write Please _______ on the piece of paper the things we need to buy. wreath For Christmas, he put a __________ on the front door. knit He _________ a sweater for me out of purple yarn. knife He cut the melon with a sharp _________ knight The _______ was responsible for protecting the castle knock ___________ on the door before you enter knee The femur is connected to the tibia at the ___________ gnome The garden _________ protected his plants sign The stop __________ is a red hexagon. gnaws The dog _________ on his bone all day long. heel He stepped on a tack on his ______ at the back of his foot weak opposite of strong field He played soccer in the big, green ___________ wristwatch He was able to tell time by looking on his arm at his __________ knapsack another word for backpack

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8 November 2016

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Ms. Pierce 3rd Grade Spelling - 11/9 Test Crossword

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