Reformation Vocab Puzzle # 2

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reformation During the 1600's, there was a _______________ in response to the Catholic Church's corruption. reformers The ___________________ tried to fix the things they viewed as wrong with the Catholic Church. Protestant Many _____________________ people were angered by the Catholic Church's sale of indulgences. Protestantism ______________________ refers to any of the Churches formed as a result of the Protestant Reformation. corrupt Many of the officials in the Roman Catholic Church were ________________. ninetyfivetheses Martin Luther wrote the ________________________ in response to Church abuses. lutheranism Luther's new Christian church was called _________________, after its founder. calvinism People who share beliefs with John Calvin are following ______________________. predestination John Calvin believed that God has already chosen the people who will go to heaven; this is called _______________________ anglican HenryVIII created the ________________ Church because the pope wouldn't grant him a divorce. counterreformation The Roman Catholic Church responded to the Protestant Reformation with the _______________________. Jesuits The Roman Catholic Church sent many missionaries to other places to convert people; many of them were ________________. inquisition During the ____________________, many people were persecuted for not following the rules of the Roman Catholic Church Federalism The political concept of _____________________ may have its roots in the ideas of John Calvin.

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30 March 2015

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Reformation Crossword

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