Review of Verbs and Weather Words

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Directions:  Read the clues.  Write the answer for each clue next to it. Write the answer for each clue before you complete the crossword.

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overcast When the sky is completely covered with clouds it is _______________. mild If the temperature is warmer than expected for a winter's day it is said to be ______________. unseasonably If the temperature is warmer for a few days than is normal for winter it is said to be _________________________ warm. expect opposite of unexpected ___________________ begin opposite of end _____________________ last opposite of first ___________________ cleaned past tense of to clean _____________________ cooking If a verb is continuous it will have three letters, ___________, at the end of the word eating The 'doing it now' of the verb to eat._______________

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1 March 2018

Lisa12204 Author Country Flag United States of America

Vocabulary review of weather and verbs of daily activities

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