Rocks and Minerals Crossword

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DENSITY The thickness of a mineral CLEAVAGE The way something breaks into smooth surfaces STREAK The line of the mineral's scratch PROPERTIES Taste, odor, magnetism, luster IGNEOUS Formed by magma SEDIMENTARY Formed by erosion METAMORPHIC Changes with heat and pressure FOLIATED Stripes of grain in rocks NONFOLIATED Does not contain stripes ROCK CYCLE Steps to how a rock forms SOLID Not a liquid or a gas GALENA A mineral that has lead BAUXITE The main source of aluminum QUARTZ Arkansas is one of the few places where found ARKANSAS Only active diamond mine found here FOSSILS May be found in sedimentary rocks MOHS SCALE Determines hardness of rocks and minerals VOLCANOES Form igneous rock MAGMA Makes a rock so hot that it melts LIMESTONE A type of sedimentary rock

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28 February 2013

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