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abigail Nabal's wife abimelech King of Philistines.... Gen 26 alexander Son of Simon of Cyrene and brother of Rufus amos Prophesised in the days of Uzziah, King of Judah bathsheba Wife of Uriah belshazzar Son and successor of Nebuchadnezzar Dan 5 caleb Son of Jephunneh Num 13 deborah Rebekah's nurse delilah Philistine woman who influenced Samson didymus Greek name for Thomas elishah Son of Javan Gen 10 gamaliel A Pharisee and a Jewish teacher Acts 5 goliath A Philistine giant killed by David seth Son of Adam and Eve shem Son of Noah miriam Sister of Moses Num 26 judah Fourth son of Jacob and Leah Gen 29 priscilla Wife of Aquila Acts 18 reuben Eldest son of Jacob; settled east of Jordan Num 32 vashti Queen of Ahasuerus who wasa deposed for disobedience and replaced by Esther

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2 March 2014

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