Solutions, Acids, and Bases

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Use the clues below to fill in the crossword puzzle and study for your upcoming assessment.  

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Matter __________ can be classified as elements, compounds, and mixtures. Compounds ___________ consist of two or more elements that are chemically combined in a fixed ratio. Mixtures _________ consist of two or more substances, but the substances are not chemically combined. solution A __________ is a mixture that has the same composition, color, density, and even taste throughout. solute The substance being dissolved is the __________. dissolving The substance doing the ____________ is the solvent. gases All mixtures of ________ are solutions. melt To mix 2 metals into alloy, you must first ________ both of the metals. alloys Solid solutions are known as _________. polar water molecules are _______ which means they have a positive area and a negative area. speed up To ________ _____ the rate of dissolving, you can stir it up, smash it up, or heat it up. maximum Solubility is the ____________ amount of a solute that can be dissolved in a given amount of solvent at a given temperature. sink If you continue adding sugar to lemonade, eventually the point is reached when no more sugar dissolves and the excess granules _______ to the bottom of the glass. saturated A ________ solution is a solution that contains all the solute it can hold at a given temperature. concentrated A ___________ solution is one in which a large amount of solute is dissolved in the solvent. dilute A ________ solution is one that has a small amount of solute in the solvent. warmer The _______ the solvent, the more of the solute it can hold. unsaturated If a solvent can hold more solute, it is said to be ________________. Electrolytes ____________ are solutions that will allow an electric current to flow. Carbon Nonelectrolyte solutions usually contain ________. Organic ___________ compounds are ones that contain the element Carbon. covalent Carbon is very versatile element because it can form four __________ (sharing) bonds. phase By adding solutes to water, we can then raise and lower the points that water will change _______. hydrogen The pH scale is the concentration of __________ ions in a given substance. strong Lower pH value indicates a ________ acid. base Higher pH value indicates a strong __________, weak A pH of 5 or 6 would be considered a ________ acid. neutral A pH of 7 would be ________ . red We use _____ litmus paper to test bases, because it will turn blue. blue We use _____ litmus paper to test acids, because it will turn red. neutralization A reaction between an acid and a base is called ________ and this results in production of water and a salt. alkaline A basic solution is also referred to as __________.

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