SOM Vocab Ch 16-22


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cynical distrustful of human nature and motives enamored in love with; charmed by summit the highest point of a hill or mountain serenely calm, peaceful ancestors family members from past generations illuminating to supply or brighten with light sincere without pretending; with honesty and real feeling erratic not regular or consistent; undependable quivering trembling, shaking suppressing holding back guillotine a machine for beheading people; used as a means of execution taunted tased; mocked modestly humbly; shyly fortuitous coming or happening by a lucky chance manifesting to make evident or certain by showing or displaying palpable capable of being touched or felt intricate complicated; difficult to understand odyssey a long, adventurous voyage; a quest foliage a cluster of leaves, flowers, and branches rueful feeling sorrow or regret divulge to tell, reveal, to make public

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3 November 2023

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Summer of Mariposa Vocabulary

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