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mountain Jim hiked to the summit of a ___ . chowder The senior center is serving ___ for lunch. surrounded The remote village is ___ by jungle. coiled That snake is ___ around its prey! loyal Otto thinks dogs are ___ animals. bound We’re ___ to get a storm this evening! outsider Lee felt like an ___ at his new school. employee Elijah won an ___ at his office. coward A ___ is afraid to do the right thing. avoid Wash your hands often to ___ getting a cold. oyster Have you ever tasted an ___ ? grouchy My son is ___ in the morning. grounded Rob was ___ for disobeying his parents. allowed She was ___ stay up late on Monday. oily Some people have ___ skin. annoying My nosey neighbor is ___ . soiled I washed the ___ clothing. poise My mother had ___ and grace. pounded The angry man ___ on the door. appointment I have a doctor's ___ today. forewarn Parents ___ their kids about stranger danger. transportation Public ___ is terrible in this area. disconnect ___ the electricity before you start to work. drowsy The medicine made him ___ . joust Knights in the medieval ages would ___ against each other.

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30 January 2020

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