Spelling List C-25

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jigsaw I'm putting a___ puzzle together. doorbell Go see who rang the ___. hallway The ___ is being repainted. passport Lisa needs a ___ at the airport. ladybug Lori sees a ___ on a flower. cardboard You can recycle ___. quicksand Joe fell into a pool of ___ . underline You must ___ the title of a book. highway We are taking the ___ to Texas. seafood Bryson eats ___ at Red Lobster . keyboard I type on the computer ___ . everyone ___ is working together. dragonfly I see a ___ in the garden. popcorn Angela eats ___ at the movies. barnyard The pigs are in the ___ . quickly The ice is melting ___. fearless Mike was ___ during the hurricane. careful Be ___ with the scissors! wheelbarrow I use a ___ in the garden. sandcastle Mark is building a ___ at the beach.

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11 October 2017

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