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pilot Tyler wants to be a _____ when he grows up. given Jeremy has _____ three bags of groceries to the local food bank. brick The Crawley family lives in a_____ house. fine Destiny thought she was getting sick, it turns out she was _____ . silent Drew likes to study when the house is _____ . river Grandpa caught a bass when he went fishing in the _____ . bigger Every day our new puppy continues to grow _____ . whisper Bianca told her friend Marcel to _____ in the library. rhyme How many words can you think of that _____ with “sing”? inch Brandon's brother is only an _____ taller than he is. height I was astounded by the _____ of the mountain. write Selena learned to read and _____ in English. reply Mr. Brauer needs to _____ to an email. iron _____ is an important mineral. lines Evelyn likes to stay within the _____ when she colors. safety Wearing your seat belt in a car is important for your _____ . grade Greg got an excellent _____ on his science test. they Do you think _____ will come to the party? multiply When you _____ numbers together, the answer you get is the product. divide When you _____ numbers, the answer you get is the quotient.

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21 March 2018

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