Spelling List C-5

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fruit My favorite __ is bananas. rescue Lifeguards __ swimmers. spoon I eat soup with a __ . computer He uses a __ to do homework. perfume Lori smells __ . musical Tina sang in the Christmas __ . bedroom Lisa shares a __ with her sister. moon The __ is full tonight. stool Joe stands on a __ to reach the top shelf. new I bought a __ car. knew Her dad __ a lot about science. few Veronica found a __ pennies in her pocket. rules You must follow the class __ . mule The __ kicked me. cute Maria's kitten is so __ ! silent The students were __ during the test. reply Did you __ to the invitation? height The nurse measured his __ . barbecue We had a __ in the backyard. suitcase I packed my __ for the trip.

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5 April 2018

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