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smile __ for your picture! plate Brad put vegetables on his __ . arrive The plane will __ on time. stripe The skunk has a __ on its back. note Write a __ if your child is absent. globe A __ is a round map. rose Kim has a __ bush in her garden. beware The sign says, “__ of dog.” confuse Don't __ me. Speak slowly. pancake Tony ate a __ for breakfast. become Caterpillars __ butterflies. white The bride wore a __ gown. flame I blew out the __ on the candle.. cube Do you an ice __ in your drink? skate Mia is learning to ice __ . option The menu has a sugar-free __ . lollipop I sucked on the __ . though Even __ I'm hot, I wore a coat. extreme The climate in Antarctica is __ . escape The prisoner tried to __ from jail.

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11 April 2018

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superteacherworksheets.com spelling list C-6

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