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toys Tina's favorite __ are her stuffed animals. soil The land has rich __ and will be good for planting crops. destroy A tornado is powerful and can __ houses. point The mother asked her baby to __ to the lion in the picture book. avoid Wash your hands often to __ getting a cold. voice Ansel likes to sing and has a really beautiful __ . loyal Dogs are very __ companions. noise It's difficult to concentrate when there's a lot of __ . voyage A __ across the ocean takes a long time. annoy It is hard to __ a patient person. broil Bill put the fish in the oven to __ . boy Mrs. Vacanti gave birth to a baby __ . coins You need __ to operate the laundry machine. join Bethany wants to __ the swim team. joyful The holiday season is a __ time of year. rescue The family wants to __ horses and farm animals. computer Stephen is playing a game on the __ . fruit Aunt Sandy brought a __ tart for dessert. poisonous A rattlesnake is a type of __ snake. enjoyable Carmen said the concert was very __ .

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20 April 2018

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superteacherworksheets.com spelling list C-7

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