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clown There was a __ at the circus. flower Brittney picked a __ and gave it to her mom. flour The recipe calls for a cup of __ . cloud That __ is blocking the sun. sound Our dog barks when he hears a __ outside. trout Mr. Drew fishes for __ in the river. however I want to go to school; __ , I have an appointment. brown Alexandra's hair is a dark __ color. shout You cannot __ in the library. around My cousin showed me__ the city. meow The cats __ when they are hungry. crown The prince wore a golden __ on his head. about What's the book __ ? towel I bring a __ when I go to the beach. mouth Do not talk with a __ full of food. arrive The flight will __ late. confuse The rules of this game always __ me! smile Anna has a beautiful __ . allowance Kids get an __ from their parents if they do their chores. downspout A __ is a pipe that carries rainwater away from a house.

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26 April 2018

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superteacherworksheets.com spelling list C-8

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