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painter Salvador Dali is a great ___ . shape A ___ with six sides and angles is a hexagon. space The astronauts went into ___ . radio I like to listen to the ___ . skater Claire wants to become a figure ___ . faint I feel dizzy. I may ___ . crazy Connor has a ___ idea. phrase Can you ___ it a different way? weight I have gained ___ . eighth Eli is the ___ person in line. danger Nora was relived that the ___ passed. steak My mother grilled a ___ for dinner. tasty These are very ___ cookies. frame Grandma put my school picture in a ___ . famous Have you ever met a ___ celebrity? basic Food is a ___ necessity. ranger The park ___ pointed to the bear. drain The water went down the ___ . change Darius wanted to ___ his clothes after school. painful The injury was ___ . activity Mom did a fun ___ with us. enter Wipe your feet when you ___ the house. spend I ___ money at Walmart. operator Mr. Muñoz is a machine ___ . maintain Mechanics ___ your car.

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23 March 2018

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