Spelling List D-5

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crooked The picture on the wall was slightly __ . woolly The sweater was warm and w__ oly. would __ you please turn that music down? brook The __ bubbled in the meadow. football Gary is going to try out for the __ team. bushel Mom sent me to buy a __ of apples. bulletin Mrs. Rivera put my essay on the __ board. lookout The police are on the __ for the thief. pudding Vicky's mom packs chocolate __ in her lunch. goodbye Zeb waved __ to his friend as he drove away. cushion The new __ on the chair was comfortable. wonderful Thank you for the __ birthday present! push Sometimes we just need a little __ in the right direction. could We __ not find the baby's missing sock. bookshelf Troy needs a new __ for his bedroom. sugar Maya likes to put __ on her cereal. shook The wind __ the leaves on the trees. pulled Jackson __ his sweatshirt over his head. understood He was pleased that the dog __ the command. wooden The baby played with the __ blocks. weight That road has a __ limit for large trucks. change The leaves on the trees were starting to __ color. basic Christy's dad signed her up for a __ dance class. neighborhood Our __ is having a garage sale this weekend. woodpeckers __ eat bugs that are found in tree bark.

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11 April 2018

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