Spelling List D-6

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uniform We need to wear our girl scout __ to our next meeting. blueberry Owen bought a uniform __ muffin from the bakery. stew Mrs. Fletcher makes delicious beef __ . excuse There is no __ for his rudeness. unicorn Kaylee hoped to see a __ in the grassy meadow. curfew Be sure you're home before your nine o'clock __ . utensil A spoon is the best __ for eating cereal. salute I watched the little boy __ the soldier. usually Declan __ completes his homework as soon as he gets home from school. tuned Grandpa __ the radio to a station that plays old music. duel Long ago, people would sometimes settle disagreements with a __ . juice Mama poured apple __ into my glass. toothache Gianna needs to visit the dentist because she has a terrible __ . mute When you push the __ button, you'll be able to see the video without sound. bugle Marvin gave his nephew a __ for his 7th birthday. using I am tired of __ this old phone with the cracked screen. unusual What an __ looking bird that is! threw Our team's quarterback __ the football to a receiver in the end zone. music Mr. Delmont enjoys listening to classical __ . chewing It is not polite to talk when you're __ your food. honey Grandma Jean puts __ on her toast. freezing The tomato plants might not survive if the temperature drops below __ . season The tomato plants might not survive the __ if the temperature drops below freezing. interview For my school project, I need to __ a local politician. unicycle The clown was riding a __ across the stage.

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19 April 2018

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