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throne The queen sat in her beautiful __ . highway My GPS told us to turn onto the __ . mobile Aiden bought a new __ phone. recognize My cousin looked so different that I didn't even __ her. mileage Kiera's new pickup gets better __ than her old one. grown Carson has __ up so quickly. lighten This new furniture should __ up the room. online Asher wanted to know when the movie started, so he looked it up __ . boast My neighbor likes to __ about his children. reply John still hasn't sent a __ to my email. oldest Are you the __ child in your family? throat Before he began speaking, Mr. Jung cleared his __ . stolen Someone has __ the statue from my garden! toaster My new __ can toast four slices of bread at once. frightening The haunted house sure was __ . poet My favorite __ is Shel Silverstein. thrive Roses always __ in Mr. Nelson's garden. icicle That's a huge __ on the side of the house. tonight I’m going to the movies with Kyle __ . whole I can't believe you ate the __ pizza yourself. crooked The picture on the wall is still __ . sugar The secret ingredient is brown __ . bushel We bought a __ of peaches. exercise Skylar likes to __ on the beach. license When he turns 16, my brother will get his driver's __ .

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8 May 2018

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superteacherworksheets.com spelling list D-7

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