Spelling Words March 16-20, 2015


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Find as many words and matching clues as you can without a dictionary. You may use a dictionary for help once you have tried to match all the clues one time.

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government an authoritative system to rule or control preamble an introduction to a speech or document responsibilities a series of obligations municipal relating to the government of a city symbols things that stand for or represent something federal relating to a central government of a country constitution a system of fundamental laws or priniciples transportation the way something travels from place to place representation an image or description that shows something citizen a memeber of a community, resident population total number of a species in an area resources available supplies or means natural not produced artificially, genuine communication the act of exchanging information rural associated with the country urban of, relating to, or located within a city supply stock or set of resources demand to insist upon having scarcity a lack or low amount of something productivity effectiveness of one's efforts

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15 March 2015

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