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Work with a partner and complete the crossword together.  (The winning team will receive a surprise tomorrow! )

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active role Participating or being interested in something personal aim The teacher's personal goal that states which aspects of teaching skills one wants to work on during a lesson (i.e. developmental aim) acquire To learn a language without studying it; to "pick up" language Jungyoon She's lived abroad when she was young subsidary A secondary aim that would support the reaching of the main aim approach Method of teaching.(E.g.IH expects teachers to design their lessons to reflect the communicative _______) Sakurako She just completed the Japanese teaching assistant certificate program (Jshine) accuracy The use of correct forms of grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation previous knowledge What students already know about the topic. Activate ____ aids Things that teacher uses in class, such as flashcards, posters, etc. ayaka She is trying to make a big change in her career path arouse interest To get Ss interested in the task or topic acknowledge T showing that he/she has seen or understood something Sally She misses her friends and the parties she had back home Main aim The ultimate goal of the lesson. Usually begins "by the end of the lesson, students will have..." Erika She currently works at a busy restaurant appropriacy Language that is suitable in a particular situation

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8 October 2019

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