The Face on the Milk Carton

Crossword Worksheet

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Use the book and your memory to fill out the crossword puzzle.

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Javenson What name did the Johnsons have before they got Janie? Hare Krishna What did Hannah join as a young, confused teen? Hannah Who kidnapped Janie from a mall? three At what age was Janie kidnapped? Jodie What is Janie's sister's name? twins What is special about Janie's younger brothers? They are ______. fifteen How old is Janie cake decorating What activity did Janie and her mother do together? New Jersey Were did the Springs live? Sarah-Charlotte Who is Janie's best friend? Reeve Who was Janie's boyfriend? Jennie What is Janie's real first name? Lizzie What is the name of Reeve's sister that helped Janie? Frank What is the name of Janie's father? Miranda What is the name of Janie's mother? Jeep What kind of vehicle did Reeve drive? soccer What kind of sport did Janie's father coach? notebook Where did Janie write down all of her thoughts about her kidnapping? pizza After her dad's game, what did Janie's family eat for dinner? Trivial Pursuit What board game did Janie and her friends play at her house?

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10 November 2016

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