The Wednesday Wars- September-December


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Fill in the puzzle by placing the correct word in the blanks that match the clues. If it is a two word answer, there will be a gray space to show the separation of the two words.

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Baker Teacher who hates Holling Bigio Cafeteria worker whose husband dies in Vietnam Ariel Holling's role in the Shakespeare play Mickey Mantle Rude baseball player who refused to sign Holling's ball Perfect Adjective Holling uses to describe his house Chalk The dust that gets on the cream puffs Heather Holling's sister Vietnam the war going on during the story Jim Hawkins the character Holling likes from Treasure Island Caliban Holling learns curses from this Shakespearean character Sycorax One of the rats that escaped Mai Thi Mrs. Bigio is rude to this character in the lunch line Danny Hupfer Returns his signed ball after Mantle is rude to Holling Presbyterian Holling's religion Guareschi Name of the principal at Camillo Junior High Yankees Holling's favorite baseball team

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23 April 2018

amandamathis13 Author Country Flag United States of America

Simple recall questions from the first few chapters of The Wednesday Wars

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