Unit 2 SAT Vocabulary

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Abstruse obscure; profound; difficult to understand Belligerent given to fighting warlike; one at war; one engaged in war Candor outspokenness; frankness Decorum proper behavior, good taste, orderliness Effrontery shameless, boldness, impudence Facet a phase or aspect, as of a topic, one of the small plane surfaces of a dimonnd Gaudy ostentatiously fine., showy, now esp., tastelessly fine Harass to disturb, to trouble by repeated attacks Imminent about to happen, threatening Jurisdiction the legal right to hear and determine a cause, area of authority Kindle start a fire; inspire Laconic concise, using few words Malevolent spiteful, showing ill will Nebulous vague, confused indistinct Paltry trifling, insignificant; mean, despicable Ratify approve formally, verify Sagacious keen; shrewd; having insight Tacit unspoken, silent; implied, inferred Ultimate most remote in space or time, extreme last in consequence Vacillate to swing indecisively from one idea or course of action to another

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20 October 2019

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