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selfish expects everyone to help her, but she won't help anyone else (7) tempermental happy one minute; screaming at me the next (12) conservative prefers to do things the old, traditional way (12) introverted keeps himself to himself (11) easygoing relaxed and never worries about anything (10) circumspect cautious and thinks carefully before deciding what to do (11) liberal tolerant and believes people should be free to do what they want (8) impetuous makes instant decisions without thinking of the consequences (9) gregarious loves socialising, chatting and going out with people (10) considerate thinks of others, attentive and generous (11) rotten apple a bad influence on the others in the group (6/5) couch potato sedentary, never does any exercise, pizza in front of the TV (5/6) loose canon unpredictable person who could cause damage (5/5) wet blanket never happy, always complaining, never wants to do anything (3/7) tough cookie strong, persistent, stands up for himself, doesn't quit (5/6) perceptive notices things quickly, understands others' feelings (10) prejudiced has an unreasonable dislike of a thing or a group of people (10) rebellious deliberately disobeys and challenges the rules (10) apathetic uninterested, doesn't care (9) inquistive nosey busybody

Think of people who could be an example of the personality traits above and explain why.:

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personality adjectives & idiomatic expressions

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