Vocabulary: Clothing debate in China


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There is some key vocabulary you will need before the listening. Use the 'across' and 'down' clues below to complete the crossword. Spaces between words are shown by gray boxes.

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spark debate to cause an argument conservative traditional or plain (adj) coquettishly in a flirty way (adv) common sense good judgement sexual harrassment unwelcome comments about the bod (n) provocatively in a manner which attracts attention (adv) outcome result (n) dress code a set of rules about what you should wear in a particular place or at a particular event consensus agreement among all the people involved (n) protest to disagree strongly with something, often by making a formal statement or taking action in public (v) transparent clear or thin enough for you to see things through (adj) blog a website containing short articles called posts that are changed regularly (n) controversial describes a subject, opinion, or decision that people disagree about or do not approve of (adj)

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5 August 2019

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Pre-listening vocabulary

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