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accountant Measures and writes about financial information. architect Designs buildings. baker Bakes biscuits and cakes. builder Builds houses, offices or other buildings. businessperson Somebody who works in a business. cabin crew Looks after passengers on a plane. carpenter Makes things from wood. construction worker Helps with building new buildings. courier Delivers food, packages or mail. doctor Treats people who are ill. engineer Invents and builds machines, systems and materials. firefighter Puts out fires. judge In charge of a court in the legal system. lawyer Practises law in the legal system. life guard Rescues people who are in danger while swimming. locksmith Fixes broken door locks. mechanic Uses tools to build or repair machinery. nurse Looks after sick people. paramedic Gives emergency care to people before they arrive at a hospital. pilot Controls the flight of an aircraft. plumber Fixes pipes, tanks and other things in a water supply. police officer Employed by the police force to keep law and order. receptionist Greets people entering a workplace and handles messages. sailor Works on a boat or ship. security guard Keeps a building safe. soldier Someone who fights in wars.

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3 May 2019

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